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Category: Kids

Gluten-free Organic Red Lentil Pasta

I saw a new product at the natural health grocery store the other day and couldn’t wait to try it: Tolerant Foods’ Organic Red Lentil Rotini. Since Non-GMO organic red lentils are the sole ingredient, this pasta is grain-free as well as wheat-free. Last night I cooked the pasta in boiling water for 8-10 minutes, then […]

Non-Toxic Easter Egg Dye

While I love the craft of coloring eggs, I hate using petroleum-based food dyes and colors with eggs we’d like to eventually eat. So I was excited to find Natural Egg Dye from the makers of Natural Earth Paint at Whole Foods today. I’ve experimented with making homemade egg dyes out of ingredients like blueberries […]

How to Survive an Influx of Halloween Candy… Without Losing Your Sanity

Halloween is just days away and so is the annual haul of candy that my kids will bring home from their night of traipsing around the neighborhood. All that junk! Our neighborhood is a Halloween magnet with people driving in from all around to trick-or-treat there. It’s a great time for costume-spotting, admiring Jack-o-Lanterns and […]

Bike-or-Walk-To-School Day

Today was bike-or-walk-to-school day at my 3rd grade daughter’s school. Our bike brigade, led by another mom, met at our regular bus stop just after dawn this morning for the 3-mile ride to school. Once we arrived, the kids were greeted with bagels and cream cheese, granola bars, stickers, and yellow tickets redeemable at the […]

Trouble Sleeping? Try Lavender.

My 9-year old daughter has a history of being scared at night. We’ve tried leaving the door to her room open, night lights, sound machines playing soothing ocean waves. The best thing we’ve found to work is the scent of lavender. I love this little lavender spray from Healing Gardens. I just give her pillow […]