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Category: Guest post

Three Sisters Navajo Harvest Vegetable Recipe

Today I guest-posted on the blog for the Fort Collins, Colorado, Homegrown Harvest celebration coming in October. To help with their cause, I offered up a favorite recipe from my now-out-of-print, award-winning first cookbook: Three Sisters Navajo Harvest. Quick, easy and scrumptious, my friend and coach, The Reluctant Vegan Rachelle Lee, was just telling me […]

How I Try to Get My Boys to Eat Their Veggies

Renee Martinez posted a great article recently on the helpful blog, MothersRaisingBoys, about getting her kids to eat vegetables. I’m excited to have her permission to share it here with you and hope that it can help you with your own quest to raise healthy eaters! How I Try to Get My Boys to Eat […]

Gardening with Vermiculite

I was taught to mix potting soil with vermiculite when preparing pots for planting for better drainage and I’m sure I inhaled some of the vermiculite dust along the way. Once I was even enveloped in a cloud of dust when I dropped the bag accidently. These days my husband supplies me with dust masks […]

The Perfectly Whole Foods Diet: A path to health.

The Stoll Foundation for Holistic Health offers today’s guest post by Kam Tecaya on The Perfectly Whole Foods Diet. I love sharing this with you because it explains an eating philosophy I wholeheartedly believe in and strive to follow as much as possible. Much gratitude to Dr. Walt Stoll for helping us along on to […]

Glorious One-Pot Meal Garlic Fish Recipe

I’m kicking off my blog tour with a guest post on the CafeMom Food and Party Buzz blog. Check it out for a guaranteed kid-pleasing recipe from my upcoming cookbook — served without anything touching anything else: Garlic Fish!