COVID-19 Home Testing


This test has been FDA reviewed and cleared for distribution, however it is not yet “FDA approved.” As such, the results should be viewed with suspicion until correlated by further testing. Taking this test in no way indicates any guarantees of accuracy nor any liability by any test distributor, including Elizabeth Yarnell. Nor should such results influence social distancing behaviors according to current guidelines. Regardless of test results, do not delay getting medical assistance if needed.

By taking this test you recognize the risks and indemnify the provider.


Whether you are currently ill and wondering, or you were ill but recovered, or suspect you have been exposed to someone who is sick, this FDA-registered test can put your mind at ease instantly, in the comfort of your own home.

With just a quick prick using the included spring-loaded finger pricker, you’ll get an immediate positive or negative reading for current infection as well as past exposure*. Regardless of your results, you’ll still need to comply with social distancing guidelines until they are lifted by the authorities.

The test has been FDA registered – carries a CE mark – passed review by FEMA and cleared for distribution under the FDA EUA – Made in the USA

Click here for more information on the COVID-19 at-home blood test and the testing company.

This package includes the instant COVID-19 antibody test, one 45-minute pre-test tele-health consult, and one 30-minute post-test tele-health consult.

A $600 value for only $397**

Place your order and then schedule your pre-test consult here to get started now!

*COVID-19 results are reported to contribute to the national pandemic database.

**Your insurance company may reimburse you for some or all of this fee.