Words from the Press

“One-Pot Wizardry. Yarnell has patented a way of cooking in a Dutch oven, giving new meaning to the phrase one-pot meals.”

Rocky Mountain News

“Playing with her recipe is a little like putting together a science experiment; the bonuses are little cleanup, and 45 minutes to do other things while the meal cooks.”

Philadelphia Inquirer

“(These are) recipes that strike a balance between health, taste and nutrition – as good for those living with MS as those who are not.”

Denver Post

“I can honestly say I’m ready to honor her All-American Pot Roast with some type of award that includes a goden statue and a live, televised audience… I’ve got tons of cookbooks on my counter. Some I use a lot and some just take up space. This one will get used.”

The Moore American


 “I’ve tried four different recipes from Glorious One-Pot Meals so far… Each was delicious, easy to make, and enjoyed by my picky teenagers – the real test of any cookbook!”


“Elizabeth Yarnell has accomplished something unique with this collection of healthy recipes — one pot meals that have texture as well as taste!”


 “This smells fabulous. I wish we had smellavision.”

7News Denver, Colorado

 “Last time (Elizabeth was) on (the show) I could not stop eating what (she) made – it was so delicious.”

Colorado & Co., NBC affiliate, Denver, CO