Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Elizabeth is a patented inventor?

A: Yes, she received a US patent issued in January, 2005, and a Canadian patent, issued in 2007, for the Glorious One-Pot Meal method of layering whole foods into a Dutch oven and cooking at a high heat for a short duration. US patent 6,846,504. And yes, you apparently can patent a process.

Q: When was Elizabeth diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

A: She was diagnosed in 1999, when she suffered from an exacerbation of optic neuritis (swelling of the optic nerve).

Q: How did she invent a new cooking method?

A: She and her husband were searching for ways to easily prepare whole foods on a regular basis so they could eat healthy meals without a lot of effort.

Q: What is Elizabeth’s mission?

A: Her mission is to help people improve their lives simply by changing the things they eat.